Please make an appointment to visit our adoption center and find your new furr-ever family member.

We do not have an adoption fee, as we are not selling our kitties or pups.  We do ask for a donation so that we can recoup our expenses .  


You may schedule as many time slots as you need.  But know that you must have an application filled out and submitted prior to coming in. 

We have many different terms for the type and price of boarding for animals, both dogs and cats.

Feral, owned, display for adoptions, or other.  Each sub category is a separate agreement between client and establishment. 

We offer bathing, drying, brushing, and nail trimming,  with or without a medicated shampoo.  We do offer a discount if you bring your own shampoo. Also tooth brushing. 

aggressive dogs MUST be muzzled upon arrival and two leashes provided.

Grooming as in simple shave available upon bathing.

But breed specific grooming must be by appointment with one of our available approved "professional" groomers, and not eligible for the reduced outreach prices.

                                                             CAT GROOMING

We only offer 3 styles of cuts for shaving cats. Teddy Bear, Lion Cut, or Matt Removal. We do NOT sedate cats for bathing or shaving, so aggressive cats must arrive with a feline mussel that fits them well.
An additional fee will be asserted for cats who inflict serious damage upon our volunteers during bathing or shaving.

nail trimming brushing teeth brushing medicated bath scented bath blow dry  

We sponsor and list some of our affiliates to use our software for you to book a DOG SITTER to accept your house key, to come to your home and use your food to feed, water, and walk your dog while you are out of town on business or pleasure. 

We sponsor and list some of our affiliates to use our software to book a CAT SITTER  accept your house key, and to come to your home and use your litter and scoop to clean the litter box daily, and provide fresh food and water for your furry friend. 

ON-SITE** Some dog parks and apartment complexes do not allow owners to walk their dogs upon their grassy grounds, or require them to pick up feces as they go.  

If you are one of those persons who just can't touch poo, you may walk or run or play with your dog off leash upon our grounds via appointment only for the safety of your dog, as well as others.  If you are not going to dispose of feces, please mark the spot with our flags so that we can.  Many parasites are transferred via doggie dodo, so PLEASE be sure to allow us to protect our grounds from possible exposures.

OFF SITE**  We allow our volunteers to earn some side income for themselves as well as make a donation to the spay & neuter of kitty cats, but booking a time with you, through our software,  at your home to walk your dog around your location for you. You may tip them directly but payment through our website will go to the spay & neuter of kitties.       

Although its 10.00 a day or overnight, its $5.00 for drop off grooming or drop off daycare or any sort of day boarding begining in open and ending at another time over 30min,

If you need to drop your dog off for a mere 30min time span and do not require a cage only a tether, its FREE. But you still must fill out permission forms and credit card information. 

cat, dog, and human.

This category covers a personal training sessions with a dog trainer, client, and dog: 

outside in the yard on our grounds,

OR at your home,

OR along with a multi-member group at once at the center.

this category also covers Video presentations for a classroom setting from various TV personality trainers,

and cat guidelines from online for scratching posts, eating together, keeping dog out of cat's litter box, keeping cat out of dog's food, or dog out of cat's food. Keeping cat pooing inside litter box, training a kitten to use a litter box, training a feral cat to use a litter box... etc. 

Please if there is a issue you have with your pet, please let us know and we will try to find that specific trainer who knows an idea or two that may help. 

This category also covers Training of Humans as to how to:

TRAP CATS, best way to keep calm, transport, hold over night, socialize, cage spacing, separations of stubborn kittens, hand feeding, diarrhea feeding, cleaning, bottle babies, etc. . 

We hold many fundraising events, some with food, drink, and games.  These require PERMITS from the city, and observance of Covid-19 guidelines. 

We allow other groups to use our building and grounds for various reasons.

Birthday Parties,  Scout Meetings, 12-Step Meetings, MS Outreach Services: Medicare / Medicaid workshops, Virtual Classroom, Affiliate Fundraisers, Affiliate Adoption Events, Annual Festival....etc.

Please contact our email with EVENTS in the subject to discuss arrangements with an approved authority.   

We have a small area that allows us to DISPLAY any artisan wares for vender sale, and vender Advertising,  as long as 75% of the proceeds go to our spay/neuter fund.

donated items get credits that can be build up towards the complete purchase or significant discount of other donated fundraising items.  This includes but not limited to:

cat n dog beds, blankets, pillows, tapestries, quilts, jewelry, pet themed clothing, key chains, visors, caps, tote bags, car magnets, refrigerator magnets, decals, stickers, beltloop phone purse, neck hang phone purse, beverage cups, coolie cup holders, shoe laces, socks, lamp shades, and window shades.